Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

Thank you so much, Jay, for nominating me! You should check out her blog: Books By Jay, it really is phenomenal. I’ve been dying to do this tag for ages and I am locked and loaded to write down the best darn answers to any tag you’ve ever read!  So…  let’s do this thing

1.   What was the best dystiopian book you've ever read?

Now this is a very difficult question indeed because I do love my dystopian and trust me I have read a lot of it! However, if you really are going to be so cruel as to make me choose then I would probably have to go with… ‘Delirium’ by Lauren Oliver. That book made me weep all kinds of ugly. I must have cried out around 50% of the water in my body. My friend told me what happens in the other two books though and with an ending like that I can’t bear to even attempt to read them… Aren’t spoilers the worst?

2.   How many books are on your TBR shelf?

I’m quite new to this whole blogging thing compared to some of you keyboard dinosaurs out there, but I think this is like a goodreads thing? In which case, I don’t know, because apparently I’m too stupid to work out how to use goodreads. You can find mehere if you want to try and figure it out for me…
However, if you’re talking about the books in the massive wobbly pile by my bed then I have about 10! Though it is my birthday this month so with any luck, that’ll double!

3.   What is the book that you really want to read but can't get your hands on?

So, recently in the UK the movie adaptation of ‘Love, Rosie’ by Cecilia Ahern came out and my friend pointed out in Waterstones that it had this really wicked writing style! Of course, it made me want to read it right then and there, immediately. But, what with being a teen n’ all my pockets are perpetually empty and I decided that £7 was far too much to pay for this book. Luckily, my town has about a thousand charity shops so I figured I’d just hunt the book down under its old title ‘Where Rainbows End’ (cheesy, I know).
I looked for that book for hours. I swear, I must have gone into more than twenty different odd-smelling shops and bumped into enough of the elderly to have me banned from all care homes ever, but it wasn’t there…
All of this just makes me want it more!

4.   What book is your most anticipated book of the year?

I can’t wait for ‘My True Love Gave To Me’! It’s a compilation of twelve different Christmas stories written by some of my absolutely favourite authors, including the Romantic Rainbow Rowell and the Spectacular Stephanie Perkins! It’s actually already out in the shops but I can’t afford it and it’s glorious pink pages… So, I will wait until my birthday and hope with all of my might.

5.   Who is your most read author?

I actually admitted in my recent blog ‘Defending Jacqueline Wilson’ that I have read a total of 32 of her books… I honestly don’t know how I did it! I was a massive fan of hers as a kid, every time we went to the bookshop I would pick out one or two of her books without fail. My brothers and sisters were fantasy addicts and they used to get annoyed by my total devotion to something that didn’t even have a single hobbit in it.

6.   Do you have any signed books? What are they?

Ha! I wish! The authors I love are mostly American but even the British ones never hop on over to my part of the UK! I never get any chances to get anything signed. I don’t buy the signed books from Waterstones again because of price, but even if they were cheaper it’s still not as exciting as having the actual living breathing author in front of you scrawling down your name… Maybe if I wish hard enough John Green or E. Lockhart will suddenly be compelled to jump on a plane, hunt me down and write a deep personal message in the front of my book, but until then, I can only dream.

7.   Who is your favourite contemporary author?

I cannot stress enough the love I feel for Stephanie Perkins and Rainbow Rowell. Every single one of their books so far has managed to break down my floodgates and turn my eyes into some kind of Niagra Falls lookalike. They have such a beautiful writing style and I am most comfortable when immersed in one of their gorgeous romances… *sigh*

8.   What is your favourite book to movie adaptation?

Book to movie adaptations are always better if the writer was in some way involved and that is why ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ was so on point! Chbosky himself wrote the screenplay for the movie so it was always destined for greatness. The characters were so well cast (even if Emma Watson's ‘American’ accent was so annoying…) and it was such an emotional movie. Seriously: Read it. Watch it. Rip your heart out of your chest. And then lose the ability to feel emotions entirely.

9.   Who is the most relatable character you've ever read about in a book?

I often find it quite hard to relate to a character because obviously in fiction the situations can be so extreme. I mean, I’ve never been forced to participate in a battle for the death against 23 other teens in which I nearly die of dehydration, fire, flying bug attacks and angry dogs who look weirdly like that guy I once knew, all the while being broadcast to millions of rich costume-lovers – so how the hell can I say I relate to Katniss Everdeen? That said, I would probably say I’m a bit like a few different characters. I’m stubborn like Emily in ‘A Heart Shaped Bruise’ (though, er… not to such a murderous extent) and I’m quirky like Lola in ‘Lola and the Boy Next Door’ – my friend says I even dress a bit like her!

10. Which book that you own has the prettiest book cover?

This one! (AND it has illustrations on the inside too!) 

My Questions:

If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this good and proper!
1.    If you could change the ending of any book, what would it be and what would you change it to?
2.    If you could dump hot noodle soup over the head of any one book character, who would you choose?
3.    You’re getting married! Choose your soon-to-be spouse, your best man, your bride’s maids and your DJ?
4.    Sum up one book with an album or playlist
5.    You’ve stole a chocolate fudge cake from the local bake and you’re about to be shoved into prison for twenty two years with one book character of your choice, who would it be?
6.    If you could ask any author three questions who would it be and what?
7.    You can attend one fictional school for an entire year, which would it be? (Hogwarts is banned from this answer because, well… duh!)
8.    Would you rather snog Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood or Ron Weasley? State why!
9.    If you had to get a tattoo of one characters face on a body part of your choosing, who and where would you choose? (Keep it clean people!)
10.                       You can bring one fictional character back from the dead, but by doing so you have to kill another: which two do you choose?

I Nominate:
Anastasia from Cuddle Reads
Emily from Forever Literary
Ellen from Quest Reviews
Monica from My Island of Books

Good luck girls! 


  1. OMG I finally found someone that gives challenging questions! Everyone always wants to kill me because my questions for tags are always crazy, so now I'm not alone lol. Thank you for the tag Evie, I'm working on my answers as we speak :)

    1. Nothing wrong with a little bit of crazy!! In fact, I do believe its what makes the world go round :D Make sure to tell me when you post them!! My bloglovin is awfully busy so its hard to keep up :3 HAVE FUN TIKA!

  2. I love your answers. I was smiling while reading this whole post. Thanks for tagging me. I will get to it very soon with my answers :)

    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I'm glad to return the smiles your blog gives me too :3 You're very welcome, let me know when you upload!!

  3. Amazing answers Evie! I really want to read Love,Rosie too and i found the book in my bookstore the other day but i just couldn't bring myself to buy the small mass-market edition! It seems that i need to do some searching myself! Thank you so much for tagging me :)

    1. You can get it for like £2 on Amazon!!! I was gonna get it for myself but I'm gonna wait for my birthday like a good little girl :D Besides... Money is tight because I keep buying second hand books that I dont need.... BUT I WANT :D Tell me when you're done, I'm so excited for you2 answers

  4. Lovely answers Evie! I found myself with a stupid cheesy grin on my face while reading your post. Gah! I freaking wish my town had 20 thrift shops.. I would be in heaven all the time. I'm not sure if half.com has a UK version, but that is honestly the best place to buy used books. You can get paperbacks for $.75 USD, and all you pay for is the S&H. It's a wonderful site and you can find any book you could ever want! Just a thought if you're having trouble finding something. Thanks for making me laugh girl!
    Morrighan @ Elysian Fields.

    1. ah man! Morrighan!!! I think you and I are fast becoming best blogger friends you lovely lovely little chick! I love that I made you grin :3 I know we're lucky to have so many thrift shops (though not all are very good... one smells like sad and old :c) But I didn't know about the website. I try to buy in person as much as I can to help bookshops in general but when I don't want to spend tons, I generally just used amazon. :D You are fab! Thank ya very much x