Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Blog Revamp

         Okay… So now I’ve been blogging for a while now I kind of have to stop trying to excuse the overall humbly-jumbly-rambliness of my blog by telling people that ‘I’m new!’ and that ‘I’ll get the hand of it’! The fact of the matter is, I’m lazy. I’m rubbish at properly proof reading my blogs and editing them into a more readable state, I’m a terrible rambler and if I don’t get my act together quick then I’ll never be a blogging superstar! Okay, I don’t actually care about fame, I just want my blog to be a bit prettier. So here it comes, my Chinese New Year Blogging Resolutions! (That’s a thing right?)

The Perfect Excuse...

    1.   Short and Sweet
Every Tuesday I essentially post a 1000 word unstoppable rant onto my blog and it has come to my attention that that might be a little hard to swallow. I barely have the attention span to sit down and read 1000 words on some book I’ve never heard of, so why should I expect you guys to as well? I want to make my blog more accessible and this I think is the first step. That’s not to say I’m banning the epic Lord-Of-The-Rings-length post, I’m just going to try and trim!

    2.   Structure
As I said, I’m not good at editing my blogs and it’s time for that to change. Perhaps not with discussion posts but I realize I don’t actually write many reviews because it’s so hard to write an 1000 word review and keep it somewhat interesting. Most bloggers have an easily-readable structure to their posts and those are the blogs I usually like best, so I plan on making my thoughts and opinions a little more structured too!

    3.   Routine
If you haven’t worked it out, I post a new blog every Tuesday at about 5pm and that is just impossible! So far I have kept very strictly to my schedule however what with Tuesday being a school day and an after-school rehearsal day for me. So I might (I haven’t quite decided) move my post day to a Sunday, just to make things a little stress for myself!
    4.  Makeover Time
   I'm not even gonna pretend to know anything about web design. I want my blog to look prettier - I'm not talking Vogue style perfection. I mean, I want my blog to undergo that process in the teen movie where the cool kids take of the dorky girl's glasses, give her some lip gloss and teach her to smile and oh look she was pretty all along! So if any of you know how to work that kind of movie magic... let me know

    5. Connect more
Last, but not least, I want to put myself out there! I don’t speak to you guys nearly enough! I’ve never done events or buddy-reads (yet!) and I think that should change. I vow to at least try and remember to answer my comments, update my goodreads and make myself known in the community. Soon enough, I promise, I’ll be tweetin’ like a little bird!

So there we have it, a makeover-to-be! But I’d like to know whether these things were ever issues for you guys or was it just me? Let me know if there’s anything I can do to make this blog a better place that I haven’t already mentioned. Let’s get started guys-

Talk to me! I promise I’ll talk back!


  1. Haha I think Chinese New Year resolutions are completely valid, Evie! I've been trying to do a lot of these more this year, too. Schedule wise I'm doing ok so far with reviews on Sundays, discussions Thursdays or Fridays, and Top Ten Tuesdays on Tuesdays (boy, that was redundant), although I'm trying to be more organized. Currently I haven't done any buddy reads, and I'm trying to reach out more but I'm still awkward as ever :P. If you want, I recently used a ton of tutorials to revamp my blog, I could give you some links for yours:) <3 the post!

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    1. Oh good! If you think so then I'm in the clear! :D Your schedule is VERY busy!!! But what with exams this year, I only have the time for one per week :3 Don't wanna stress myself out! Different schedules suit different people though, so good on you!! We could always do a buddy read?? What are you into? What's in your TBR??? But I would LOVE links!! That would be life saving :o Thankyou thank you thank you!!!

    2. That's a good plan. Right now I'm dragging myself through midterms *sad face*. I usually pre-write my posts on weekends and whenever I do have free time so on post day I'm ready. I will admit I'm usually behind and forget about or are too busy for discussions, though. I have a HUGE TBR but I'll DM you and we can figure out what/when to read and I'll send you some links:)

    3. Just tried and realized I can't DM you.... I'll send you a tweet?

  2. Hahaha Evie, that's so funny! I actually love your blog the way it is <3 you're one of my favorites out there, I promise.. I had almost the same resolutions for 2015 and I hope I fulfill them, I can seriously relate haha

    PS, I nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award -- Info here http://booksbyj.blogspot.com/2015/02/infinity-dreams-award.html

    1. Jayyyyy!!! I love your tag posts :D Especially when you tag me in them! I'm over the moon :3 But thank you! My blog I think is quite basic, but I guess it gets its message across... hmmmm, I'm yet to play around with it! You're my favourite too though :3 You've been a blogging friend for me right from the very start and I appreciate that immensely x

  3. I agree with the other 3 ladies - your blog is great as it is! ♥
    Personally, I think it's not always about pretty looks and short, organized posts - as long as they're interesting and funny (which yours definitely are!) they're good the way they are ... long or not. ;)

    I still like your ideas and want to change a bit about my blog too - I quite like how it looks now but I feel like I could use the schedule feature a lot more, that would spare me some time and stress. I don't even know why I'm not using it so much. *sigh* And definitely the connecting thing! I know what you mean and I feel like I suck at those things and just don't really know how to change that - oh well, just gonna try. :D

    If you need help with anything, just ask! No one will turn you down if you need advice (I guess). :D

    1. Ahhhh! *drowning in compliments* Thank you Yvonne you really do flatter me :3 I get what you mean, but I do have a tendency to ramble! So I'm determined to trim just a little bit anyway :D
      Do you not have a schedule? I only post once a week, so it suits me just to pick a particular day! Scheduling is probably harder the more posts you do. I don't really know!! Spontaneity is great too :D But your blog is pretty freaking great to be quite honest, so I wouldn't say you're in need of change either!!

      But thank you :3 This post received a lot of lovely support and just thank you xxx

  4. Your blog is lovely anyway! I love the header, keep that maybe :P I do know what you mean though, but don't pressure yourself if you don't have time, we are here to read what you have to say :) xo
    amber love